Diesel Engine


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Features & Benefits

  • Designed and developed based on FEV technology platform.
  • 4-valve per cylinder configuration-Improve significantly mass flow rate through intake and exhaust valves, producing a more intense combustion.
  • Highly efficient turbocharger- Enhance response, providing prompt boost across the operating range.
  • Compact, lightweight design-Provide the solution to reduce overall vehicle weight and increase payload capacity.
  • Wet sleeve liners- Reduce frictional wear dramatically while allow for ease of maintenance.
  • Give you the best comfort ride with less noise and vibration.

Technical Specifications

Engine Model  YC6L260-20 YC6L280-20 YC6L310-20 YC6L330-20
Configuration  Vertical, in-line, 4 stroke,    water-cooled 
Number of Cylinders  6
Displacement (L) 8.42
Aspiration  Turbocharged, inter-cooled
Fuel System  Bosch-P7100
Rated Power/Speed( kW/r/min) 191/2200 206/2200 228/2200 243/2200
Peak Torque/Speed(N·m/r/min) 1030/1400 1100/1400 1150/≤1400 1280/≤1400
Min. fuel consumption with full load (g/kW.h) ≤200
Noise (ISO 3744)  dB (A) ≤97
Emission  Euro 2
Dry Weight (kg) 850
Application  11~12m buses