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Features & Benefits

  • Designed and developed based on FEV technology platform and incorporate Europe’s most compact, lightweight design.
  • 4-valve per cylinder configuration-Improve significantly mass flow rate through intake and exhaust valves, producing a more intense combustion.
  • Wet sleeve liners- Reduce frictional wear dramatically while allow for ease of maintenance.
  • Cylinder block skirt is reinforced with ribs to provide structural stiffness- Minimize deformation while extend performance life.
  • HONEYWELL turbocharger equipped with by-pass valve -Deliver quick response and higher performance.
  • Spare parts are highly interchangeable, making replacement parts easier to access.

Technical Specifications

Engine Model YC6A240-20 YC6A260-20 YC6A280-20 YC6A240-30 YC6A260-30 YC6A240-40 YC6A260-40 YC6A270-40
Configuration Vertical, in-line, 4 stroke, water-cooled
Number of Cylinders 6
Displacement (L) 7.26
Aspiration Turbocharged, inter-cooled
Fuel System P7100 pump BOSCH BOSCH +SCR
Rated Power / Speed (kW/r/min) 177/2300 191/2300 206/2200 177/2300 191/2300 177/2300 191/2300 199/2300
Peak Torque / Speed (N.m/r/min) 860/1500 950/1500 1100/1500 900/1400~1600 1000/1400~1600 900/1400~1600 1000/1400~1600 1000/1400~1600
Min. fuel consumption
with full load (g/kW∙h)
Noise ( ISO3744 ) dB(A) ≤96
Emission Euro 2 Euro 3 Euro 4
Dry Weight (kg) 760
Application 9~11m coaches, 10~12m city buses