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Features & Benefits

  • Designed and developed on ECI (Econtrols) technology platform to provide the flexible power solution for buses and coaches, they share main components and parts with diesels versions, while inheriting all the super advantages.
  • Quality imported electronic gas feed system, ignition system and engine management system kits.
  • Platinum electrode spark plug- Give the most efficient combustion and extend performance life.
  • Specifically built intake & exhaust system, fuel system are designed and configured for gas engine.
  • Oxygen sensor- Achieve precise control over the air/ fuel ratios, providing the best fuel economy while reducing emission dramatically.
  • Closed-loop control system-Achieve closed-loop performance across wide operating range and self-diagnostic function.
  • Intelligent electronic control system- Complete in functionality.
  • Smooth gentle combustion- Give you the best comfort ride with less noise and vibration.
  • Oxidation catalyst- Easily meeting Euro 3 levels of performance,
    and be able to move to Euro 4, Euro 5.
  • Highly human-oriented and easily interchangeable design, allowing for ease of maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Engine Model YC6K380N-40 YC6K400N-40 YC6K420N-40 YC6K440N-40 YC6K460N-40
Configuration Vertical, in-line, 4 stroke, water-cooled, single-point injection
Number of Cylinders 6
Valves per Cylinder 4
Displacement (L) 12.16 12.94
Bore × Stroke (mm) 129×165
Aspiration Turbocharged, inter-cooled
System ECI
Fuel CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) / LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)
Rated Power / Speed (kW/r/min) 280/1900 294/1900 309/1900 324/1900 338/1900
Peak Torque / Speed (N.m/r/min) 1620/1000~1500 1700/1000~1500 1800/1100~1500 1880/1100~1500 1950/1100~1500
Min. fuel consumption with full load (g/kW.h) ≤185
Noise (ISO3744) dB(A) ≤93
Emissions Euro 4
Dry weight 1100
Application 12m beyond large-size coaches, tourist buses, BRT