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Features & Benefits

  • With unrivalled integration capabilities developed and designed on AVL technology platform.
  • One-piece casting cylinder head is designed and manufactured for high reliability.
  • Variable valve exhaust brake on the intake cams-Boost safety, increase braking capability by 50% and improve wear resistance.
  • 4-valve per cylinder configuration-Improve significantly mass flow rate through intake and exhaust valves, producing a more intense combustion.
  • Wet sleeve liners- Reduce frictional wear dramatically while allow for ease of maintenance.
  • Smart electronic injection system-Achieve precise control over injection timing and fuel quantities, giving you the best fuel economy.
  • Multi-layer steel damping panels inside the oil pan-Reduce noise level.
  • High torque output at low engine speed range- Achieve quick acceleration and response.
  • Twin-cylinder air compressor pump with more efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Engine Model YC6MK340-30 YC6MK380-30 YC6MK400-30 YC6MK340-40 YC6MK350-40 YC6MK375-40 YC6MK385-40 YC6MK400-40
Configuration Vertical, in-line, 4 stroke, water-cooled, direct injection
Number of Cylinders 6
Bore× Stroke (mm) 123×145
Displacement (L) 10.34
Aspiration Turbocharged, inter-cooled
Rated Power / Speed
(kW/ r/min)
250/1900 276/1900 294/1900 250/1900 250/1900 250/1900 250/1900 250/1900
Peak Torque / Speed
(N∙m/ r/min)
1550/1100~1500 1650/1100~1500 1800/1100~1500 1500/1100~1500 1600/1100~1500 1700/1100~1500 1800/1100~1500 1900/1100~1500
Min. fuel consumption
with full load (g/kW∙h)