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Features & Benefits

  • Strong power, big torque output, quicker response.
  • Highly fuel efficient.
  • Highly reliable and durable.
  • Lower fuel & oil consumption, lower noise and emission.
  • onger service life.
  • Parts and components are highly interchangeable and ease of maintenance; spare parts are of ample supply.
  • Emission can be upgraded to T3 and beyond.

Technical Specifications

Engine Model YC6B120-T20 YC6B125-T20 YC6B125-T21 YC6B145-T20 YC6B150-T21 YC6B160-T20 YC6B170-T20
Configuration Vertical, in-line, 4 stroke, water-cooled, direct injection
Number of Cylinders ×
Bore × Stroke (mm)
Displacement (L) 6.87
Compression ratio 17.5:1
Aspiration Naturally aspirated Turbocharged
Fuel System Mechanical pump
Rated Power / Speed
85/2000 92/2300 92/2100 107/2300 110/2100 118/2200 125/2400
Torque / Speed
450/1550±100 460/1550±100 450/1550±100 560/1500~1700 560/1550±100 590/1680±100 590/1550±100
Min. fuel consumption
with full load (g/kW.h)
Speed governing rate % 8~12
Emission Tier 2
Application Vibroroller, crane,
drilling machine
Tractor, forklift truck,
harvest, sand pump,
crane, loader,
drilling machine,
excavator, road roller
Tractor, harvest,
forklift truck,
Tractor Harvest, drilling machine,
vibroroller, crane,
concrete pump
Harvest, tractor,
road roller, drilling machine,
excavator, milling machine,