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Target over 3.5 billion yuan over 5 years! Yuchai´s introduction of new energy products

From: Zhang Yanwen First New Energy Network August 2019

“The little lotus is only exposed to the sharp corners, and there is a dragonfly on the head”. History and reality have repeatedly confirmed such a law: forward-looking enterprises not only pay attention to the current market position, but also more focus on the future market development and breakthrough. Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai) is such an enterprise, which always can see the first opportunity.

Yuchai booth on China International Exhibition of Internal Combustion Engines and Components in August 2019 (referred to as: 2019 Internal Combustion Engine Exhibition) at the China International Exhibition Center (OldPavilion) Yuchai with 10 engine products, including 7 commercial vehicle engines, formed a “China National VI New Energy – Yuchai’s latest skills and strategic layout.

So why should Yuchai exhibit such a combination? In the area of “New Energy” in powertrain application, what kind of goals and expectations does Yuchai have? On the first day of the launch, the reporter interviewed Huang Yi, secretary of the Yuchai share marketing party committee, and Liu Gang, assistant general manager of bus power marketing department of Yuchai share sales company .

Huang Yi revealed: “Yuchai has been working with Yutong, Jinlong, Jin brigade and Dongfeng, Fukuda, Shaanxi Automobile, Geely and other vehicle enterprises to reach cooperation, to achieve hundreds of new energy power products sales, which greatly increased our confidence to expand the new energy bus market. Over the next 5 years, Yuchai New Energy Power Sales aims to reach 3.5billion yuan – “I’s going”.

What is the bottom line of this goal? Huang Yi said that Yuchai always focusses on professional and technical capabilities of innovation, adhere to the original intention to create value for customers based on the development of high-efficiency internal combustion engines. The integration of:

  1. Global excellent technical resources,
  2. Complete electronic control calibration technology,
  3. Mechatronics technology,
  4. Electric driving power technology,
  5. Advanced engine development,
  6. Fuel cell power system research and development
  7. Control strategy development,
  8. Vehicle power matching

And other eight core technical capabilities enable and maintain the ability to continuously create and offer value for customers, who will be fully satisfied with short-term and medium- and long-term market demand.

Yuchai Integrated Engine Power Generation Powertrain (IE-Power)

At the scene of the event, the reporter saw Yuchai’s integrated engine power generation powertrain (IE-Power). Liu Gang told reporters that the system achieves a completely integrated design of the motor and engine. Highly integrated, it can achieve the driving charging function to increase the vehicle’s range. With the engine’s technical feature, to achieve the efficient coupling of the engine and the motor, the new energy power is 20% more efficient than the standard powertrain configuration. The system is suitable for multi-purpose vehicles such as tractors, RTGs, special trucks, dump trucks, city busses, mobile power generators, etc..

For the field of hydrogen fuel cells, Yuchai also has a layout. “Yuchai Hydrogen Fuel Cell System” will be launched in 2020. “YCHB-35K/132/248-10” is Yuchai’s first-generation metal bipolar plate proton exchange membrane fuel cell, is a highly integrated, efficient and non-emission commercial vehicle power product, suitable for urban buses, trucks, intercity buses and other models.

Yuchai Hydrogen Fuel Cell

In the fierce competition in the jungle, only the strong have the possibility to live, and only the strong can lead the market to achieve sustainable development. Yuchai constantly meet market demand with deep exploration of market demand, maintain the best attitude of struggle and has reached a new era of “light-forward.”

In the pursuit of green traffic, Yuchai took firm steps, but it did not “pick up sesame seeds, lost watermelon”, in addition to the fact that new energy field is continuously expanding, It still adheres to the traditional power market with intensive work with the “China VI” products to achieve new growth.

Yuchai YCK08 series China VI diesel engine

In Yuchai’s major business sectors, traditional powertrain is our dominant market. Huang Yi told reporters, “This year Yuchai’s passenger car powertrain sales targets 50,000 units. Although this objective is more difficult to achieve due to the impact of the general environment, we will not change. Up to now this target has been completed about half, especially the China VI products are driving the market sales with additional China VI bus powertrain sales of 1500 units and the China VI engine sales of 9000 to Taiwan, to maintain the leading edge of Yuchai Market.

Yuchai YCS06 series China VI diesel engine

Yuchai currently has six national capabilities, including the K-Series, Y-Series and S-Series, according to Shao. But Yuchai on the layout of the “Six Nations” era, also extends to the field. In mid-July this year, Yuchai’s first China national VI emission cleaning center opened in Shenzhen, to help users use the China VI products, promote the rapid introduction of China VI products. In the future, Yuchai DPF Ash Removal Center will adopt the “unified layout, unified standards, unified operation” norms, with the promotion of the China VI policies around the country and gradually spread out, in order to protect the “blue sky”.

Yuchai YCA07N series natural gas engine

“In the next 20to30 years, traditional motivation will remain the main force” said Huang Yi. Yuchai will adhere to the direction of automotive diversification to develop new products and continuous product upgrading at the same time as well as innovative research and development of new energy power products. In accordance with the new energy strategic planning, the next 5 years (to 2023 production of 50,000 units, sales of more than 3.5 billion yuan, to 2025 sales revenue up to 80 billion yuan). Yuchai will provide customers with more power solutions.

Relying on strength to speak, market-oriented, strategic warfare for the future, is the sustainable development of Yuchai. In the future, Yuchai will continue to forget the first heart to the distance to accelerate forward … …