Engine Emission Certificates

Emission  Type Engine Model e-mark  E-mark 
Euro 2 Diesel engine YC4E160-20, YC4E140-20
Euro 3 Diesel engine YC4E180-30, YC4E170-30, YC4E160-30/YC4E140-30

Diesel engine YC4F115-30, YC4F100-30, YC4F90-30

Diesel engine YC4FA130-30, YC4FA120-30, YC4FA115-30, YC4FA100-30, YC4FA90-30

Diesel engine YC4G220-30, YC4G200-30, YC4G180-30

Diesel engine YC6A280-30, YC6A260-30, YC6A240-30

Diesel engine YC6J270-30, YC6J245-30, YC6J230-30, YC6J220-30, YC6J200-30, YC6J190-30, YC6J180-30

Diesel engine YC6L330-30, YC6L310-30, YC6L280-30, YC6L260-30

Diesel engine YC6M390-30, YC6M375-30, YC6M360-30, YC6M340-30, YC6M320-30, YC6M290-30, YC6M280-30 

Gas engine YC4GN180-30

Gas engine YC6GN260-30, YC6GN230-30

Gas engine YC6JN210-30, YC6JN190-30

Gas engine YC6M340N-30, YC6M32N0-30, YC6M290N-30 
Euro 4 Diesel engine YC4E160-42, YC4E140-42

Diesel engine YC4E140-40

Diesel engine YC4EG160-40, YC4EG140-40

Diesel engine YC4EG160-42, YC4EG140-42

Diesel engine YC4FA130-40, YC4FA120-40, YC4FA115-40, YC4FA100-40, YC4FA90-40

Diesel engine YC4G220-40, YC4G200-40, YC4G180-40

Diesel engine YC4S160-48, YC4S150-48, YC4S140-48, YC4S120-48

Diesel engine YC6J245-40, YC6J220-40, YC6J190-40, YC6J180-40

Diesel engine YC6J245-42, YC6J220-42, YC6J190-42, YC6J180-42

Diesel engine YC6J220-46, YC6J210-46, YC6J200-46, YC6J190-46, YC6J180-46, YC6J170-46, YC6J160-46

Diesel engine YC6A280-46, YC6A270-46, YC6A260-46, YC6A240-46, YC6A220-46

Diesel engine YC6G270-40, YC6G240-40

Diesel engine YC6L330-40, YC6L310-40, YC6L280-40, YC6L260-40

Diesel engine YC6L330-42, YC6L310-42, YC6L280-42, YC6L260-42

Diesel engine YC6MK420-40, YC6MK400-40, YC6MK385-40, YC6MK375-40, YC6MK350-40, YC6MK340-40, YC6MK320-40, YC6MK300-40

Diesel engine YC6K1030-40, YC6K1032-40, YC6K1034-40, YC6K1035-40, YC6K1038-40, YC6K1039-40, YC6K1040-40, YC6K1042-40

Diesel engine YC6K1238-40, YC6K1242-40, YC6K1246-40, YC6K1248-40

Gas engine YC4DN140-40, YC4DN120-40

Gas engine YC4GN180-40

Gas engine YC6GN260-40, YC6GN230-40

Gas engine YC6JN210-40, YC6JN190-40

Gas engine YC6MK375N-40, YC6MK340N-40, YC6MK320N-40, YC6MK310N-40, YC6MK290N-40
Euro 5 Diesel engine YC6J245-50, YC6J230-50, YC6J220-50, YC6J200-50, YC6J180-50

Diesel engine YC6L330-50, YC6L310-50, YC6L280-50, YC6L260-50, YC6L240-50

Gas engine YC4G190N-50, YC4G180N-50

Gas engine YC6J225N-52, YC6J210N-52, YC6J190N-52

Gas engine YC6MK340N-50, YC6MK320N-50, YC6MK300N-50, YC6MK280N-50
Euro 6 Diesel engine YC6L330-60, YC6L310-60, YC6L280-60, YC6L260-60, YC6L240-60
Tier 3 Diesel engine YC6A240-30, YC6A220-30
Tier 3 Diesel engine YC6J180L-T3, YC6J130L-T3
Tier 3 Diesel engine YC4FA45-T3
YC4D60-D21, YC4D85Z-D20, YC6B135Z-D20, YC6B155L-D21, YC6B180L-D20, YC6A200L-D20, YC6A230L-D20, YC6G245L-D20,
YC6M350L-D20, YC6MK420L-D20, YC6MJ480L-D20, YC6T550L-D21, YC6T600L-D22, YC6T660L-D20, YC6T700L-D20, YC6C1020L-D20


Two new EU Stage V engines from Yuchai now available!

7. August 2020

Target over 3.5 billion yuan over 5 years! Yuchai´s introduction of new energy products

26. August 2019

Opening of the Yuchai Machinery R&D Center in Europe

25. September 2017