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Target over 3.5 billion yuan over 5 years! Yuc...

From: Zhang Yanwen First New Energy Network August 2019 “The little lotus is only exposed to the sharp corners, and there is a dragonfly on the head”. History and reality have repeatedly confirmed such a law: forward-looking enterprises not only pay attention to the current market position, but also more […]

Opening of the Yuchai Machinery R&D Center...

On Saturday 23.09.207 the entire senior management of Yuchai Machinery LTD visited YC Europe GmbH to open the Yuchai European R&D Centre. The main objective of the R&D centre is to develop our engines to meet future emission limits and to ensure we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. The […]

New Yuchai V12 engine is now available to Europ...

Yuchai has completed its extensive quality and endurance field tests and is now ready to sell its YC12VC engines in Europe. The 79 liter YC12VC engine delivers a peak performance of up to 1850kWm and is designed for stationary Power Generating Sets. (Stand by 1850 kVA and prime load 1740 […]

New Yuchai 4FA Stage 3a G-Drive engine

YC Europe launches the new Yuchai 4FA Stage 3a G-Drive engine. The brand new YC4FA75-D30 is a 3 liter engine delivering 55KVA in a Genset. The low fuel consumption and the highly attractive price will make this engine the prime choice of Genset manufacturers.